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Wednesday, August 24, 2016
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Med-eHUB - Finding Answers

...at a fraction of the cost
of full time staff or consultants!

  • Up-to-date federal and
    state reimbursement facts and documents
  • Updated daily by reimbursement experts
  • Breaking News in healthcare
  • Contacts and Calendar Events
  • Download important documents
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Med-eHUBis the evergreen market access medical reimbursement research consulting e-library with thousands of key details that impact your business daily. We have up-to-date, verified critical information you need:
  • Contacts, phone numbers, emails and key customer details for essential sales support
  • Environmental scans for effective market access planning
  • CAC Lists
  • Med-eHUB Launch Kit - being prepared with basic launch info helps you save money on strategic consultants
  • What's New in healthcare
  • State MAC lists
  • PDLs and formularies for state Medicaid, Managed Medicaid, Managed Care, Commercial Payors
  • Policy scans of all payors for a single product or a category
  • DOWNLOAD important meeting and calendar events directly to your OutlookTM
How much does Med-eHUB cost?
The problem with buying reports is they have a built-in time limit... ...has the information changed since you spent the time or paid the bill for that report? Med-eHUB's 24/7 annual subscription is less than the cost of ONE market access report. Med-eHUB consultants join your team as a part of the subscription. Most custom research requests are free of additional charges or greatly reduced from strategic consulting rates with your subscription.
Are you paying for meeting updates? Med-eHUB's 24/7 annual subscription includes all your important formulary, CMS and payor meetings complete with email addresses, contact numbers and agendas. DOWNLOAD events directly to OutlookTM with one click AND get 2000+ pages, links and attachments ALL for LESS than the cost of a single meeting subscription from a popular outlet.
How does Med-eHUB work?

TWO ways...
  1. Build a customized, log-in protected website with the info you need, researched and maintained for 12 months by a team of experts for the cost of a single written research report.
  2. Subscribe to Med-eHUB's library and get 24/7/365 access to all our research, complete with support consulting.
Med-eHUB's subscriber access info is gathered daily by research consultants from hundreds of direct electronic, written and in-house sources; an ever-growing, evergreen electronic research library of healthcare information directly from original public sources...brought to you by industry experts and published in a single location HUB website.

Subscribers have 24 hour, 365 day access from a private log-in.

Med-eHUB subscribers are supported by a team of industry experts who provide custom research, re-formatting of Med-eHUB info specifically for your needs or just someone for a second opinion.

What is Med-eHUB's value to me?

You need the info in Med-eHUB. In fact, you are already getting and paying for it in some way. The question: are you getting the most for your money?
Researching and continuously verifying even a tiny portion of the information contained in Med-eHUB’s library would require a high level of reimbursement expertise and endless hours. Hiring a full time Reimbursement Manager with experience now costs a company an average of $200,000-$275,000 per year in salary, incentives, benefits and expenses (ref: Find Jobs, CareerBuilder and private websites).
  • Do you want your field reimbursement personnel spending valuable time researching basic information?
  • Would it be valuable to have reimbursement experts available to you and your team daily at no additional cost?

Med-eHUB gives you the best of both worlds at a FRACTION of the price: updated information combined with daily access to expert reimbursement research partners.
Can I see if I like Med-eHUB with no risk?

Look INSIDE Med-eHUB by scheduling a personal webinar (CLICK on the BIG BLUE button above) or view the
Med-eHUB screen shot presentation

Med-eHUB’s experts have an average of 20 years in healthcare in sales, marketing, executive management, regulatory affairs, and legal---from Pharma, Bio, PBMs, insurers and provider side. We know what you need and we know you need it fast, in one location.

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Med-eHUB's popular 51 Medicaid Details by State are available in hard copy form!

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Med-eHUB Finding Answers to basic reimbursement questions for a fraction of the cost of alternatives.
email Med-eHUB and ask us the question!
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